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MSD has a long history of dedicating itself to improving people's health and well-being.

MSD has been committed to solving big global health problems such as river blindness, HIV/AIDS, and cervical cancer for more than 125 years.

At MSD, corporate responsibility is the cornerstone of our daily commitment to tackle the world's biggest health challenges by discovering better ways to make a difference in everything we do.

MSD for Mothers is a key part of this commitment. As part of the global effort to save the lives of women in pregnancy and childbirth, MSD seeks to bring better healthcare and innovative health solutions to millions of people across the developing – and developed – world, through groundbreaking public-private partnerships.

"We can't save mothers by ourselves. We need the resources and creative energies of many companies throughout the private sector to make this vision a reality. What is the vision? I need only to see my healthy daughter holding my granddaughter in her arms to imagine millions of healthy mothers and their children. That's what we can accomplish. What more fulfilling return on innovation is there than saving the lives of mothers and launching new human lives at the same time?"