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MSD for Mothers is exploring digital innovations that could help transform approaches to decreasing maternal mortality around the world.

Why Digital Innovation?

Digital innovation is irrevocably changing our world. In some industries it’s fundamentally disrupting business models – just look at the likes of Amazon, Netflix and Uber. And in some parts of the world where you would least expect, digital innovation is leap frogging existing business models. In Kenya –over 40% of the country’s GDP1 reportedly flows through just one mobile money platform called M Pesa.

MSD for Mothers believes that disruptive innovation through digital technology has the power to transform the quality of maternal health care services being delivered around the world. We understand the successful recipe for digital innovation – appetite for risk, the value of ‘failing fast’ to learn, and an enabling environment for quick adoption. So we have committed resources to identifying and developing solutions that will tackle some of the most critical obstacles that stand in the way of delivering quality care that could reduce the number of women who die during childbirth.

Leveraging MSD Expertise

Beyond providing financial resources in developing digital innovations, MSD's digital experts are providing technical support and providing strategic insights on technology trends that may have implications on the solution design. MSD for Mothers aims to be a catalyst in helping to leverage technology to address critical and potentially life-saving needs for mothers around the world.

Our digital innovation approach is based on three principles:

1. Patient-centric
Solutions must be designed with the patient in mind; upfront investment in understanding the unmet needs of women who are close to giving birth or are in childbirth and the importance of service design is critical for impact.

2. Data Driven Decisions
Capturing critical patient information so that health workers not only can make better decisions and provide higher quality of care to pregnant women, but also integrate this data into the larger health system.

3. Platform Approach
Leveraging a platform approach improves the ability to connect technology and capabilities – providing a technical foundation for easier scale and sustainability

Our Digital Innovation Portfolio

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