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Celebrating MOMents that Matter at #BlogHer16

For the third year in a row, MSD for Mothers highlighted the growing issue of maternal mortality in the United States, and how everyone can play a role in helping to #EndMaternalMortality at #BlogHer16. BlogHer is a premier social media event and the world's largest conference for women content creators. This year's theme, "Experts Among Us," brought together a diverse mix of content creators, social media stars, credentialed experts, entrepreneurs, top brands, and everyday hand-raisers to connect, learn and share.

MSD for Mothers hosted a panel of respected and influential maternal health advocates speaking to relevant and interested bloggers, sponsored the "Voices of the Year" award ceremony, and engaged attendees at a dedicated booth, all of which drove powerful engagement and coverage on traditional and online media.

MSD for Mothers Executive Director Priya Agrawal appeared with maternal health advocate Katherine Schwarzenegger on FOX affiliate, "Good Day LA," to talk about the rise of maternal mortality in the U.S., the importance of using your voice, and the power of social media to be an advocate for maternal health.

How to #EndMaternalMortality in the 21st Century

The special event, a panel discussion titled, "How to #EndMaternalMortality in the 21st Century," educated influential maternal health bloggers about the issue of maternal mortality and the hope of digital innovations that can help improve maternal health. MSD for Mothers Executive Director Dr. Priya Agrawal moderated the panel, which featured blogger and maternal health activist Katherine Schwarzenegger; New York Times best-selling author and maternal health advocate Matt Logelin; founder of Social Good Moms and maternal health activist Jennifer James; and MSD for Mothers senior program officer Mark Allen.

Voices of the Year

MSD for Mothers took the stage at BlogHer's "Voices of the Year" awards ceremony, an annual celebration of the community's best content creators, recognized by a panel of social influencers as the official Voices of the Year. A MSD for Mothers original video, Tara Hansen's story kicked off the ceremony, followed by Dr. Agrawal rallying the audience behind the cause through an introduction of our MSD for Mothers "MOMents that Matter" Voices of the Year award category and the winner.

Real Connections in Real Time

The MSD for Mothers booth featured a double-sides glass wall where attendees were encouraged to share their "MOMents that Matter—" a memory or thought about motherhood that was special to them. By the end of the conference, more than 150 people contributed to the wall, and even more stopped by to chat, allowing the team to deepen relationships with relevant online influencers and inspire them to become MSD for Mothers advocates.

Get Involved and Join the #EndMaternalMortality Movement

A First for MSD for Mothers

Katherine Schwarzenegger posted on her Snapchat before and during our special event— MSD's debut to the Snapchat world!